About Power Panel

Power panel is main panel of an electrical distribution system which protect & divides electric power to supply various loads. We offer power distribution panels for any kind of industrial, commercial & residential project.

Our Features

  • Stability and Reliability

    Essential to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the system

  • Safety and Convenience

    Help prevents accidents and improve the efficiency and effectiveness

  • Compact size and flexible structure

    Optimize Space utilization, reduce installation and maintenance costs

  • Internal separation up to form 4b

    Separation level of the internal segregation offers high levels of safety and reliability

  • Degrees of protection up to IP65

    Specific set of standards to classify and rate the degree of protection provided by an enclosure

  • Modular design with flexibility and convenience

    Easily expanded or modified as the electrical requirements

  • Current capacity up to 6300A

    Provides a compact, efficient and reliable method of distributing electrical power

  • Busbar Fault level upto 65KA

    Appropriate protective measure ensures safety of the electrical system

Power Panel Products

MCC Panel
A Motor Control Center (MCC) panel is a type of electrical panel that is used to control and distribute power to electric motors.
PCC Panel
PCC (Power Control Centre) panel is an electrical panel that plays a vital role in controlling and distributing electrical power in industrial and commercial establishments.
Synchronizing Panel
A synchronizing panel is an electrical control panel used in power systems to synchronize the operation of multiple generators. It ensures that the output frequency...

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