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Type Test Certificate

Having a type test certificate ensures you are buying a component that has passed all relevant tests and meet the technical requirement. It is increasingly required by electrical contractors, project specifies and purchasers that we supply them with evidence of certified testing in order to provide their clients with goods that are tested, assured and safe.

In accordance with internationally accepted standards, Type test certificates are only issued once components have been successfully tested. It is important for utilities or industries that buy products from vendors to have type test reports /certificates to ensure proper operation and technical excellence of those components.

Lubi Control Panel

  • IP-65

    CPRI certificate for IP protection will include details of the product that has been tested and certified, the IP rating achieved, and the testing and certification process used. This certification can provide assurance to customers that the product has been tested and certified to meet the required level of protection against dust and water.

  • Short Circuit

    Busbar fault level, CPRI provides a testing and certification service to determine the maximum fault current that a busbar system can withstand without sustaining damage or failure. This service is usually requested by manufacturers, system integrators, and end-users of electrical systems to ensure the safety and reliability of the busbar system.

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