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Auto Transformer Control Panel

Our auto transformer starter panels are built to last, using high-quality materials and state-of-the-art technology. We offer a range of starter panel sizes and specifications to suit a variety of motor sizes and applications. Our starter panels are also customizable, allowing you to select the exact features and options you need to meet your specific requirements.

Our Features

  • Overload Protection

    Protects electrical equipment from damage due to overloading and overheating.

  • Reduced Downtime

    Standard components allow quick and easy replacement in case of failure or damage

  • Short Circuit Protection

    Equipped with Fuses or circuit breakers to protect the motor and other connected equipment from short circuits.

  • Preventive Maintenance

    Standardized accessories and spares can simplify maintenance tasks by reducing search for specific components .

  • Interlocking Devices

    Prevent unsafe or incorrect motor operation, such as mechanical or electrical interlocks.

  • Reduced maintenance costs

    Investing in high quality parts can help reduce frequent replacement of components to save cost.

  • Monitoring Devices

    Ammeters, voltmeters, and power meters allow the user to monitor the performance and energy consumption of the motor.

An autotransformer starter panel is an electrical control panel used to start and control the speed of three-phase induction motors using an autotransformer. An autotransformer is a type of transformer that has a single winding with multiple taps. The taps are used to adjust the voltage and starting current supplied to the motor during start-up.
The autotransformer starter panel is a vital component in the control and operation of high-current three-phase motors, providing a safe and reliable means of starting and controlling their speed.

Range of HP rating 10 to 250 Hp
System Voltage 415VAC
Frequency 50Hz
Ambient Temperature 30°C
Operating Temperature 40°C
Coil Voltage Range 230VAC
Type of Contactor Air break
Enclosure Color RAL 7035/7032
Degree of Protection IP4X
Cable Copper

  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Industrial Applications
  • Cranes and Hoists
  • Elevators

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