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About TTA Panel

Using our Prisma iPM solution, you can easily design, implement and operate LV electrical distribution switchboard that are dependable, because they are optimised, tested, compliant and certified as per IEC 61439-1 & 2 standards.

  • Improve the continuity of service

  • Improve the continuity of service

  • Ensure the safety of life and property

Main 10 functions

  • Voltage stresses withstand capability
    • To withstand long term voltages, and transient and temporary overvoltages according to the insulation coordination principles and requirements.
  • Current-carrying capability

    To protect against burns and to withstand temperature rise:

    • When any circuit is continuously loaded, alone, to the specified current
  • Short-circuit withstand capability
    • To withstand the stresses resulting from the prospective short-circuit current and from the associated data (High forces between conductors, temp. rise in a very short time, air ionization, overpressure).
  • Protection against electric shock
    • Hazardous-live-parts not to be accessible (basic protection)
    • Accessible conductive parts not to become hazardous-live (fault protection).
  • Protection against risk of fire or explosion
    • Resistance to internal glowing elements
    • Note: Protection of persons, and optional protection of the assembly, against arcing due to internal fault can be specified through a ‘‘special test’’ according to IEC 61641.

  • Maintenance and modification capability

    Capability to preserve continuity of supply without impairing safety during assembly maintenance or modification

    • Electrical condition of the assembly or various circuits
    • Speed of exchange of the functional units
    • Test facilities…
  • Electro-Magnetic compatibility

    To properly function (immunity) and not to generate EM disturbances (emission) in specified environmental conditions:

    • Industrial networks or locations (Environment A)
    • Domestic, commercial, and light industrial locations (Environment B).

  • Capability to operate the electrical installation

    To properly function, according to:

    • The electrical diagram of the overall system and related information (voltages, coordination…)
    • The specified operating facilities (e.g. free or restricted access to Man Machine Interfaces, isolation of the outgoing circuits,…).
  • Capability to be installed on site
    • To with stand handling,transport,storage…andinstallationconstraints
    • Capability to be erected and connected (type of enclosure, type, material and cross sectional areas of external conductors).
  • Protection of the assembly against mechanical and atmospheric environmental conditions
    • Presence of water or solid foreign bodies (IP according to IEC 60529)
    • External mechanical impacts (optional IK according to IEC 62262)
    • Indoororoutdoorinstallation(humidity,UV).

Functional panels for tertiary and industrial buildings

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  • IPxxB Prisma iPM offers standard components to achieve the right level of electrical protection.
  • Terminal block covers
  • Terminal shields for devices
  • Partitioning for busbar and connections.

Dedicating ourselves to safe, simple & reliablelow voltage switchboards from 100 to 4000A

Prisma iPM, a modular and prefabricated solution based on a complete system in kit form that perfectly integrates Schneider Electric switchgear offerings.

  • A cable connection area with complete accessibility.
  • A zone for functional units* dedicated to each application in the building (lighting, HVAC, lifts, etc).
    * A functional unit includes switchgear, mounting plate and front plate.
  • A zone for current distribution with
    innovative busbars. The multistage current distribution brings lightness, ergonomics and easy front access
  • IPXXB front plates for protecting people
    from any direct access to live parts and circuits opening and closing.
  • Attractive finish to fit into any facility
Energy is available in the buildings

The Prisma iPM solution perfectly integrates Schneider Electric switchgear and includes our distribution systems and enclosures. These quality components have been designed to operate together with optimised performance: mechanical, electrical and communications consistency. Switchboards designed and manufactured with the Prisma iPM solution have all the qualities needed to ensure energy availability. They are organised by function and by zone, which improves reliability and facilitates design, installation, operation and upgrading. All switchboard architectures are factory tested in line with specifications that go well beyond the IEC 61439-1 standard. The same continuity of service is ensured throughout the switchboard’s entire life cycle.

Floor standing enclosures
Model Supply Voltage RATING IP No. of mod. No. of mod. width depth associability
Cu upto 4000 A upto 85 kA rms/1s 30/31/40/54 42/54 07
36 300 mm
400 mm
600 mm
600 + 200 mm
800 mm
400 mm
600 mm
800 mm
1000 mm
Al upto 3600 A upto 65 kA rms/1s 36 300 mm
400 mm
600 mm
600 + 200 mm
800 mm
600 mm
1000 mm
1200 mm
1600 mm


Wall mounted enclosure
Model A lcw IP IK No. of mod. height width depth associability
Full kits 630 A 25 kA
53 kA 07/08/ 10 4
300 mm
500 mm
700 mm
900 mm
1100 mm
1300 mm
1600 mm
1800 mm
600 mm (enclosure)
300 mm (cable duct)600 mm (enclosure)
300 mm (cable duct)
235 mm
235 mm
235 mm
235 mm
235 mm
235 mm
305 mm
305 mm
and heightwidth
(partial kit)
630 A 25 kA
53kA 4
700 mm
900 mm
1100 mm
1300 mm
600 mm 235 mm

Prisma iPM Solution

The Prisma iPM solution perfectly incorporates Schneider Electric switchgear:
  • Easypact MVS
  • Easypact CVS
  • Masterpact MTZ
  • Masterpact NW
  • Compact NS
  • Compact NSX
  • Acti 9
  • GV2L
  • LC1 contactors
  • LRD thermal relay
  • ATV 61/71
  • ATS 48C/48D
  • Prisma, Smarter than ever!


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