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In the dynamic world of power and distribution, efficiency, reliability, and customization are essential for operational success. At Lubi Electronics, we are dedicated to providing advanced solutions tailored to meet the specific demands of modern power distribution networks. One of our flagship offerings in this domain is the Schneider Prisma TTA Panel – a cutting-edge solution designed to optimize your power and distribution systems with precision and flexibility.

Why Choose Schneider Prisma TTA Panels? : The Foundation of Efficiency

The Schneider Prisma TTA (Totally Type-Tested Assembly) Panel is a premier choice for power and distribution due to its robust design, superior performance, and adherence to international standards, including IEC 61439. Here’s why this panel is a game-changer for your power distribution needs.

Lubi Expertise : Taking Schneider Prisma Panels to the Next Level

Lubi goes beyond simply offering Schneider Prisma panels. They elevate the value by providing:

In-depth Knowledge: Lubi’s engineers possess a deep understanding of both Schneider Prisma panels and power distribution systems. This ensures optimal configuration and integration for your specific project.

Customized Solutions: Alongside standard Schneider Prisma panels, Lubi offers custom-built solutions that meet IEC 61439 requirements. This caters to unique power and distribution needs, guaranteeing a perfect fit for your project.

Comprehensive Support: From initial consultation and design to installation, commissioning, and after-sales support, Lubi provides a one-stop shop for all your power and distribution needs.

Benefits of Lubi’s Schneider Prisma Panel Solutions.

By choosing Lubi’s Schneider Prisma panel solutions, you gain:


Lubi’s Schneider Prisma panel solutions empower businesses to achieve next-level power and distribution efficiency, all while maintaining compliance with the international standards of IEC 61439. With Schneider Electric’s high-quality panels and Lubi’s technical expertise and customization capabilities, you get a solution designed for your success.

Ready to strengthen your power and distribution network? Contact Lubi today to discuss your project requirements and explore how their Schneider Prisma panel solutions can optimize your operations.

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